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Priority Dental Clinic makes your oral health our priority. We are always ready to service your dental needs. As a family owned business, we dedicate time to our patients and we want each of our patients to feel like they are in a caring environment. We offer convenient evening and Saturday appointments.


Always welcoming new patients!

Affordable services that are always reliable.

Office Sedation and Hospital Sedation

Dr. K.W. Kong treats patients ages 0 - 19. She is our pediatric dentist and she is caring and understanding. Dr. Kong will teach your children about the importance of dental health and she will teach them how to brush and floss properly.


Your children will feel comfortable at the dentist when Dr. Kong is by their side.

K.W. Kong

Dr. K.A. Kong treats patient's ages 20 through to senior citizens. She is committed to patient education and helping each of her patients understand what is going on with their teeth and why.


Dr. Kong tailors dental services and treatment plans around your individual dental needs.  

K.A. Kong

Upon entering our office you will instantly realize the difference. We have a friendly environment that is designed for both adults and our pediatric patients. We do everything we can to create a comfortable experience. Our clinic has  flexible hours.

Our Office Experience

Meet the Sisters, Dr. Kong and Dr. Kong

Branding K.W. Kong K.A. Kong

Alaina Hemme, Dental Assistant


Whitley Ruxlow, Dental Assistant


Christa Price, Dental Assistant



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